Special Delivery

One of our warehouse guys brought up a big box to my desk. It was addressed to me by name and labeled with a Gift Tree.com logo. Since I order most of the equipment and supplies for IT, I’m used to getting packages. However, they don’t usually have this label:
For the record, he didn't check my ID
We joked that it must be from someone who knows me well.

I opened it up to find a note from our team in Canada saying that they hoped the contents would help with our ongoing issues. Below the note was a well packed barrel that was holding three bottles of wine.
It’s a good thing that our issues seem to be behind us or we might have just cracked them open on the spot.

There were three guys who bore the brunt of our issues and I offered each of them a bottle. One is a non-drinker so, score for me, I kept his. You gotta love the teetotalers because they leave more for the rest of us.

I’m also keeping the barrel. It will make a great display for a Parrot Grande Silent Auction item. One that has booze in it, of course.


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