Wishful Thinking Turned Into Reality

Last week was pretty stressful at work. The low point was on Thursday when we had both a hardware and a software problem that was affecting our production environment. Between planning a system outage, interviewing job candidates and monitoring processes and data to make sure they weren’t breaking anything, it was a hell of a day.

I ran out to get some drive-thru to eat at my desk. As I was leaving Sonic (where they gave me crappy tater tots to add to my crappy day), my mind went through some thoughts like this, “I have a full tank of gas, my seat warmer is on high and I’m in my bitchen’ car that I love to drive. I could just not go back to work, keep driving and not have to stop for 400 miles.”

Man, that sounded good.

In fact, it sounds like the beginning of a novel where the hero decides to chuck it all, and after a series of laughable misadventures, ends up with a better job, the perfect significant other and lives happily ever after.

In my world, it would end with unemployment, homelessness and drinking copious amounts of bathtub gin.

So, I went back to work.


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