Stress Relief

We've had a bad few weeks at work. Like, really, really terrible. It's bad when you have to shut down your production system. It's worse when you have to do it several times and sometimes in the middle of the work day.

We thought we had it licked on Thursday night. I checked my email first thing Friday morning (literally, I didn't even get out of bed first) and everything was going well. I walked in to the office and saw one of the team standing at the monitor where we display our critical processes and knew we were back in hell.


Everyone was on the case but we were tired and worn down. I decided to share an image that I saw on Facebook that morning that was really funny. Like break a bad mood funny.

How can you not smile at this?
It was some much needed levity but then one of my co-workers took it even further when she found this online:

OMG, it was a hoot. You could hear the song coming from various computers as everyone watched it at their leisure. Oh, those dance moves are something!

As things got even more stressful as the day wore on, someone would start it up again and we'd all laugh. Man, we needed something to laugh at.

Those of us in the "older" category actually remember this song when it was first popular. I remember the boys dancing to it and making their Karate moves and thinking they were as cool as the other side of the pillow. For the record, they were not.

You have to find some joy even in the midst of extreme stress. We found it Kung Fu Fighting because that's how we roll.


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