Scared Straight?

I'm free!
This was George on Friday night as I was trying to bring in all of my luggage from my trip to Calgary last week. I tried to corner her but she got around me and was headed out to the sidewalk to either the parking lot or the street before I got to her. (This is actually a corner where I had her contained while I took the picture. She whipped past me right after that.)

Clearly, the very stern, "Babies don't go outside!" is no longer working.

She got past me again today as I was bringing in groceries. This time, I didn't have to shoo her in, however.

There was a dog in the common area across from my front door. It either heard me or smelled her as it started barking.

She could not have run into the house any faster. It made me laugh.

I saw the dog and it was smaller than she is. There's no doubt in my mind she could tear it up. But, as long as there's doubt in her mind, we're good.

I'm hoping her little demon brain remembers the scary dog the next time she decides to try a walkabout.


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