Am I The Only One Who Thinks This Is Strange?

We have a guy in our department that goes out to his car to eat his lunch every day. I get the concept of wanting to leave your cube but we have a really nice lunchroom that he could use. I suppose if you don't want company, the car is a good bet.

But, he goes out there regardless of the weather. If it's hot out, he turns on the car and runs the A/C. In winter (which is pretty short), he turns on the car to run the heater. That just seems like a huge waste to me.

Then there are the night shift guys who park next to me. They also sit in their cars and just hang out while playing their radios. That doesn't seem so strange to me but, last night, two of them were parked next to each. One had his radio on and the driver's door open while he was sitting in the other guy's passenger seat with that door open. Huh? They couldn't sit in the same car as the radio? Did the other guy's radio not work?

It's all puzzling to me.

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