An Expensive Prize

Our club hosts No Limit Texas Hold 'Em Tournaments in honor of Mom O'Malley. Mom was a club member, friend and the actual Mom of my friends The O'Malley Babes. We donate money to Hospice of the Valley from the tourney so it's fun and a good cause.

The Babes always provide the main portion of our dinner meal (pizza, subs and the like). I always (except for the very first tourney) donate the first place prize. I like to get something engraved so I end up at Things Remembered. We've given away a set of shot glasses, a flask and various mugs that could be used for coffee or beer or a cocktail depending on your desire.

My usual modus operendi is to run into Things Remembered, order the prize then come back a day or two later to pick it up. I went in after work on Thursday and the store manager threw me a loop when she said, "It's 8 PM, I'll have it ready for you by 8:15."

Really? Um, OK. I had 15 minutes to kill in Fashion Square. I don't think I've gone to that mall since last year's prize purchase so I took a quick gander and decided to browse Bath and Body Works.

They were having a sale on candles - 2 for $20. They're normally $19.50 each so it was a bargain! I picked out two scents then saw a must buy. A candle in a seashell shaped holder. My bathroom is tropical so it would fit right in it was 50% off. Man, I saved a lot of money there.

My 15 minutes wasn't even up so I decided to pop into Claire's. I felt old just walking in there because it's definitely geared to the youngsters. Of course, they were having a sale as well. Buy 2 pair of earrings, get the third for free.

I found some adorable pairs! The first ones had the word Peace written in a metal circle backed by a shell circle. The second was a set of crystal butterflies. So me. The third were awesome - rainbow colored hoops with peace signs, hearts and smiley faces on them. My inner hippie was all over them.

Thankfully for my bank account, the 15 minute time frame had passed so I picked up the prize and hightailed it home before something else caught my eye.

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