I Got Paid To Do This, Too

We had a surprise Wedding Shower for my VP today. I like to call him the Big Kahuna. He doesn't like that too much but he tolerates it. We tried to get his fiancee to come in but she wisely chose to stay away. She did send us answers to our game that we wanted to play, though.

I got to be Bob Eubanks and we did a short version of The Newlywed Game. The funniest part wasn't the questions or answers (although they were pretty good) but that the Bride was played by our CFO. Who is a guy. Lots of laughing ensued.

Afterwards, some of the peeps told me "good job" and the like. Most of them would rather visit the dentist than stand up in front of everyone and MC a game like that. Me? I just wish there had been an actual spotlight and microphone.

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