Not A Lightweight After All

A friend of ours got us tickets to the Beer Festival at Tempe Town Lakes a few weeks ago. Well, to be accurate, she got The Rocket Scientist tickets but all parties assumed he was taking me with him. I got a load of crap for wanting to go since it's assumed that I only drink Miller Lite. Not true. I like lots of different beers but it's easier to control my inebriation level with Miller Lite. And, it's quite tasty.

We got 25 tasting tickets and a small mug when we got in the gate. Looking at the mug, we guessed it held 3 or more likely 4 ounces. How it works is you go up to one of the many booths, give them one of your tickets and they fill your mug with a sample of their brew. The whole event was from 2-6 so you would have to go pretty fast to get through all of your tickets.

We tried several then sat down to watch the light rail for a while then went back to the beer. Of course, I was on a much faster pace than TRS but I still didn't feel like I was drinking very quickly. Several of them didn't even fill it to the top of the mug so I even felt a little ripped off.

Well, that is until I realized I was toasted. I tried to play it cool but TRS still said to me, "Are you drunk?" I'm going to guess that was a little after 4. I did admit to being pretty buzzed up. I cannot tell a lie, especially when alcohol is a factor.

We left a little after 5 (I think) then went to Sparky's for pizza where I did have a Miller Lite. TRS took me home and two hours later, I was still in no shape to do anything productive. I ended up going to bed a little after 8.

I thought I was a total wimp to get that wrecked on some samples. I mean, I didn't even use up all of my tickets.

Here's the deal, though. I measured the volume of the mug a few days later. Not 3 ounces, not 4 but 6 full ounces. Instead of the 1/4 or 1/3 of a beer I was getting for every taste, it was actually nearly 1/2.

Three hours - 20 tickets for almost 10 beers. Aye carumba! It's no wonder I had to make it an early night.

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