Peep Abuse

Our friend Tracy gave The Rocket Scientist a bunch of Peeps as a trade for a Landshark Lager Lanyard. Since he's a Peep hater, it was more of a present for me and a joke on him. She did give him something else, too.

I forgot to take the Peeps home so they were still at his house on Friday. He lives on a golf course and someone suggested hitting Peeps out of his backyard on to the course. Total Peep abuse and not acceptable!

The boys (technically men but they act like boys) thought it was a great idea so they took a bunch out there and started trying to hit them over the fence. It's a short fence and part of it is railing so there were lots of spots to allow course access. Several of them went into the bushes but some made it over.

There were two boys on the course with their Dads and they came running as soon as the Peeps hit the grass on their side. "Hey, why are you hitting Peeps over here? That's a waste of Peeps!"

Someone told them to open their mouths and they did. Two little birds on the other side of the fence waiting for Peeps to land in their mouths. Peeps that were getting hit off of the grass with a golf club. Ew. They didn't get lucky and actually started to trash talk TRS about his lack of Peep hitting skill so he stopped trying.

"Hey, Peep Guy! Why did you stop? Come on, try again!"

They weren't able to entice him because he has willpower (and if you doubt that, just ask him and he'll tell you). We were dying from laughing, though. They were just so into the whole thing and the backyard was littered with Peep pieces. I think they must have hit two or maybe three boxes worth.

I took the rest of the Peeps home that night so they will be put to their proper use. Which is to poke holes in the plastic, leave them for a week or so then bite their crunchy heads off, followed by their crunchy bodies then ending with their crunchy tails.

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