Summer Shoes

As soon as it gets warm here, I'm out of my dress shoes and into sandals and Rocket Dogs. By the end of the summer (which is like March to October here), my shoes are toast so I have to buy new ones every year. Last year's sandals are pretty much falling apart and my Rocket Dogs are so smelly that even washing them in bleach doesn't help. I will be sad to throw those out.

Today was the day to shop since it may hit 90 this week and I am so done with shoes that require socks.

My first stop was Target with the hopes that I could find a nice sale on some sandals. I didn't find anything there that jumped out at me in the sandal area but I finally gave in to my long time lust for the pink Chuck Taylors. I've been eying them for months and it was amazing I held out as long as I did.

Next stop was Famous Footwear. I've got a rewards card with them and they sent me a 20% off your next purchase coupon. I went down the aisle with the Rocket Dogs and immediately fell in love with one pair and serious like with several others. They're so cool!

It's like they were made just for me!

I restrained myself and only got the loved pair. Further exploration netted one pair of black sandals and one pair of brown. I'm good for the summer - sweet!

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