Awesome Spot!

Some of my chums from days long ago (reunited courtesy of Facebook!) and I went out for vino on Tuesday night. I think the wine plan was put in place before we knew it was St. Patrick's Day. Our original thought was to meet at Kazmierz at 5:30 but they didn't open until 6. The party was moved to a new place, Fine's Cellar.


We stumbled on to a great deal - Tuesday nights are 50% off wine (drink/dine in) purchases. Bonus. They also gave us their signature popcorn for free. It's flavored with truffle oil and chives. I didn't love it but one of my companions couldn't stop eating it.

Each of us ordered a different wine flight. I was the only white wine drinker but everyone enjoyed their selections. My favorite was the Riesling, of course. It's as close to soda pop as wine can get (except for White Merlot).

Our food selection was a mix of Mac and Cheese. Not Kraft by any means. There was one with Blue Cheese, another basic with truffle oil and a third with bacon and peas. Yummy! We added on a serving of sweet potato fries with it. Even with four of us sharing, I was full enough to not eat dinner later.

In addition to the good wine and great food, it was wonderful to reconnect with old friends. We talked about old times and got caught up on current ones. Boy, my life when I describe it sounds like one big party. I guess that's a good thing.

I'm up for making it a standing Tuesday night event and I'm already working on getting the Poker Chicks to go there.

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