It's Not An Addiction, It's Practice!

I've been playing a lot of poker through a Facebook App called Poker Palace. There's another app that I tried but didn't like as much.

It's just so easy to jump into a table and play a tournament. They're pretty fast to get through as the blinds start at $10/20 and go up every 5 minutes. The payoff if you win is good, too. I buy in for $2,200 and first place pays $12K, second $5K and third $3K. I tried one tournament at the $5K buy in but the antes went up too fast for my comfort.

I've learned that there are a lot of idiots who want to go all in in the early rounds. If you get good cards, it's worth calling them or going all in yourself to bust someone out. Or, if you don't have good cards, you can count on someone else clearing out the idiots.

I usually make it to the final four but sometimes suffer a bad beat before I cash. It's poker, those people call anything, so it happens.

The thing is I will just be sitting there on Facebook checking my friends' statuses when I see the siren of Poker Palace on my sidebar. Next thing I know, I'm on it and playing a tournament. Then another. Then another.

But, it's not because I'm addicted. It's really just practice for my live playing. The more hands that I see, the better I can predict the outcome.

Are you buying that? Because, I hope so. And, I hope it's true. The alternative is that my addictive personality has just found another outlet.

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