A Different Crowd

We have two Parrot Head Clubs in Arizona; one here in Phoenix and the other in Tucson. I've done a bunch of stuff with the Tucson folks in the past so I finally decided to officially join their club this year. I know a lot of people down there but not as many as I used to. They've been collecting new members of late which is very cool.

I'm the ticket coordinator for the May 14th Buffett show in Phoenix and about 30 of the Tucson folks ordered tickets. I got the tickets on Monday and was thinking about how to get the tickets to them when I remembered that there was a Happy Hour scheduled for last night.

Making a round trip to Tucson is something I've done quite a bit but I decided I would be better served by having my driver go with me. I sent The Rocket Scientist a message, "so...wanna see our dear friend tkay on wednesday?" He asked me what Tkay was going to be doing in Phoenix and that's when I spilled that we were going to Tucson. I'm not sure why but he didn't even hesitate and he was in. I guess he either really likes Tkay (entirely possible) or wants to spend even more quality time with me (can you blame him?).

We had a nice evening and I delivered all of the tickets. But, I couldn't help but notice the differences between the Phoenix and Tucson flocks.

First of all, they have Happy Hours on Wednesday. Wednesday? We do ours on Fridays and Saturdays to make a nice ending for the week.

Second, they are literally like a flock of birds. One of them gives an invisible (to me) signal and they all start moving. Last night, the signal was given a little before 8 and they all started packing up and leaving.

Our group would never Happy Hour for just two hours. We start at 5 and it's likely that there will still be a group hanging out until 10 or 11 (or later). OK, I'm always in that group, I admit it.

There was something both groups have in common. They're not so good at listening to the Club President during meetings. Too many Chatty Kathys having side conversations. That's actually not me because I'm a rule follower and you're supposed to listen to whomever is leading a meeting.

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