Mardi Gras Shoe Box Floats

I sorta conned The Rocket Scientist into making a shoe box float last year for the club's Mardi Gras party. This year, he was like "No effing way - that's too much work". So, we got a gig as Judges for the float contest. Know what? That was too effing hard and I don't want to do it again.

There were just too many awesome floats and it was incredibly difficult to choose between them.

The good thing was that we did get some nice bribes. Jan and Wayners plied us with Tequila shots and specialty beers. Tracey made a huge Jello-Shot for us. Rick and Betty gave us Knob Creek and Sierra Mist drinks. Yummy.

Here are pictures of the floats. The last pic is actually a cake. It was awesome, too.

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