We used to get vicious wind/dust storms in Phoenix back when I was a kid. I'm talking wall of dust moving across the sky and cutting visibility to mere feet. It was fun to watch from your patio door, not so much fun if you were stuck outside somewhere.

Last night's wind storm reminded me of those days. Not only did I get a nice coating of dust throughout my house, the wind just howled. I was in my bathroom and the sound of it rushing around my skylight was incredible. It actually made me look up to see if the darn thing was going to come off. It made George look up, too. (Because you can't go into the bathroom without the cat even if you're just cleaning. What up with that?)

My car was absolutely coated in dirt this morning. Good thing I didn't get it washed yesterday like I had planned. I would have been really unhappy.

It was so bad that the airport got shut down for a while and some folks lost electricity. I guess it was Mother Nature's way of reminding us she's still alive and kicking.

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