Silent Poker

I had to bring my laptop in for a presentation at work. I don't know why but when I hooked it up to the projector the sound got turned off. Even stranger is that the icon for the sound disappeared from the tool bar.

Of course, I didn't really take notice of this until I played online poker last night. The game I play has the sound of cards shuffling, chips plinking into the pot and it beeps at you if your turn to make a move is expiring. It's surprising how lost I felt without the sounds.

I spent the first half of the game check/folding just trying to get the sound back on to no avail. It was finally down to 5 players out of 10 when I decided to buckle down and just play. I guess the lack of sound didn't hurt me that much because I did win the tournament.

BTW, when your Help Desk people tell you to reboot, there's a reason. I shut down and restarted my computer and voila! Sound was restored and the icon was back on the tool bar.

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