More Proof Of Who's The Boss

I confess to not having trimmed George's claws in a while. I guess when she's not gouging me with them, I forget. My bad because the reminder is so very painful.

Last night, I was apparently being punished for coming home late (even though I told her when I left in the morning) and demon behavior was in full swing. She would run over and nip me on the arm then run away. A few minutes later it was a swipe of the paw on the drive by. The killer was the full claw attack from both paws on my leg. She actually got through the denim.


The clippers came out and the beast was captured for the process. We actually got through the first paw without too much angst but a full out cat fight broke out during the second. I managed to get four claws clipped before self-preservation made me release her.

Of course, she managed to dig that one claw into my leg through the comforter last night. I guess I was still being punished but probably now for the indignity of taking away her lethal weapons.

That last claw is getting it tonight, count on it.

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