George's New Friend

It's been so nice here lately that I have just the screen doors closed on my front door and patio door each night. There's actually been a lot of wind so it cools the house down from the 80 degree days pretty well.

George loves to sit at the front door and just stare out at the world. She will be there for an hour or more. I'm not sure what she's looking at as there isn't a lot of traffic on my sidewalk but it keeps her from attacking me so it's all good.

The other night, I heard a loud growl from the front door. Actually, it was somewhere between a growl and a long meow but it was too loud to be George. She's pretty quiet. I looked over and George was standing up against the door peering out.

I investigated and there was a big yellow tabby on the other side of the door. He (or she) backed away a little when he saw me but didn't run away. George didn't seem too disturbed though she was trying hard to get out through the baby proofing but they weren't hissing at each other so I walked away.

A few minutes later, I heard a loud "thunk". George had jumped into her house and pushed it up against the door. Her house is actually a cardboard box. I don't know if she was trying to block the other cat or just showing off her place (Look! I have my own box!) but the box got moved in front of the door again last night.

Crazy cat stuff - it was entertaining at least. And, did I mention it kept her from attacking me?

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