Wine Cooler - RIP

My wine cooler stopped keeping its temperature a while back. I set it for the lowest setting at 55 but it wouldn't go below 60. While I was out of town the last time, it started clicking and the electric display and the inside light went out. Steven heard the clicking but never investigated while he was house sitting. Jeez, it could have been a bomb.

The Rocket Scientist is taking it to the dump for me this weekend. When he picked it up, we found a Jimmie Johnson car under it that George had been using as a toy. Apparently, we uncovered one of the kitty toy burial grounds because when I got home the JJ car had been joined by 5 mouse toys.

My primary mission for going to Costco on Sunday was to activate my new card. The secondary mission was to buy a new cooler. They often have the 12 bottle size there at a decent price.

Not this time. The smallest unit they had was for 52 bottles and cost $500. Surprisingly, for as big of a wino that I am and how easily I spend money, I chose not to buy it.

Of course, now that my fridge is full of my latest BevMo! 5 Cent sale purchases I'm have non-buyer's remorse. There's so much in there that I even have bottles in one of the vegetable drawers. Good thing I don't really cook and therefore have little food in the house.

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