Book Review - The Venetian Betrayal

This book has been getting a lot of good press so I decided to check it out. I realized in the first few chapters that it's a sequel but I decided to read it all anyway though usually I would have stopped and read the previous book(s) first.

It didn't seem to hurt the story at all that I popped in on this book. I liked the historical bent (searching for Alexander the Great's tomb), the political (a fictional Asian nation built out of some of the former USSR states) and the science (viral warfare).

What I didn't like was a plot advancement device. There were too many places where pertinent facts were divulged with a "we couldn't say this earlier but here's what's going on" caveat. The heroes were annoyed when it happened and so was I.

I will check out the rest of Steve Berry's stuff though as this was an enjoyable read.

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