Movie Review - Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

A few words come to mind to describe the third Pirates movie.

Dark. Bizarre. Violent.

I don't mean any of those in a good or entertaining way. What a disappointment.

I felt like I should have dropped acid before the scene where they show Jack in the afterworld. Maybe I did and that's why it was so weird.

The first Pirates movie was funny and charming. There was little humor in this one and it felt forced. Almost like someone said, "Oh yeah, we're supposed to be funny in here, throw in some little visual joke to cover that."

The end felt unsettled and left it open for yet another movie. I really, really hope they don't. I think they jumped the shark on this one.

The worst thing? They made Chow Yun-Fat unsexy. Inconceivable! (I watched The Princess Bride last week for the nth time. Now, that is a great movie!)

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