A Color Not Found In Nature

Many, many moons ago, I used to be a redhead. I'm actually a natural brunette. I can tell you that there's some real basis to stereotypes.

When I was a brunette, people thought I was smart. Red? I was assumed to be funny. Blonde? Well, yes blondes have more fun because when I went blonde I had lots of boys suddenly hitting on me.

When I was driving back from Tucson last week, I thought seriously going back to red. When I went to get my hair done yesterday, I told Cheryl that next time I wanted to go back to red. That turned into a decision to just go ahead and do it. We headed off to the cosmetology place to pick out hair colors and I selected a nice auburn color. Not too orange, not too red.

I knew there was going to be a challenge with trying to put the right shade of red over the blonde. Cheryl put filler (whatever the heck that is) on my hair so it would have a darker base. Then, she mixed up a combo of the colors we picked out and applied that. I waited for that to set in then showered it off.

My hair was orange. There were a few spots that were a decent red-brown but big sections where just plain orange.

At this point, I was running out of time because I had a house concert to go to. So, Cheryl mixed up a 2 Red, 1 Neutral (again, I really know nothing about this stuff) and put it in my hair. I drove home with dye in my hair and a plastic bonnet on my head. Not my best look. When I got home, I jumped in the shower again to rinse out the dye then checked out the new color.

My first thought was "Magenta, my hair is magenta!" My second thought was, "This is not a color found in nature." I've tried to find a descriptor beyond that but the closest I've come to is neon red wine.

I've gotten mixed comments on it but most people think it was a dramatic change but it's OK. That is at least stopping me from an immediate fix but I will be adjusting it to a softer color next time.

In case you want to see it, here's a picture of me and Steven at the Marathon today.

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