I Need a Drink...Make That Two

As I was driving to work this morning, I noticed that they had McClintock closed off going South and that the West side of the road was filled with water. I even saw some water bubbling up. Since they're ALWAYS doing construction near my house (and my work, too), I didn't think much of it.

The Rocket Scientist sent me a link today that said there was a water leak and they were closing the intersection down completely. Being a careful type, I looked for an update on the repairs before leaving work.

The leak is on the NW corner of McClintock and University. I live on the SE corner so I was concerned about how I was going to get home. The article I found said the intersection was completely closed and so was University from Smith to Rural.

So, I decided to take Rural to Apache (which is a mile South of University for the out of towners) then turn left on McClintock and get into my neighborhood that way.

Well, I got on Rural and was in the left lane (since I was going to turn left) in bumper to bumper traffic. I realized after a while that my lane was barely moving but the other two were zipping along. Zipping along too fast to even get into. I would scoot up one or two car lengths then watch 20 cars drive by me on my right.


It took me about 20 minutes to get across the bridge. The problem? There was a disabled car in the left lane right before the end of the bridge. I was lucky someone let me in on my right or I'd probably still be there. I called Steven to bitch which made me feel a little better.

I made it to Apache without too much trouble and slowly got to McClintock.

Which was completely closed off to the left where I needed to go. I called Steven again to bitch some more.

So, I kept going on Apache all the way to Price and tried to figure out if I could even make it my house at all. It was The Rocket Scientist's turn to listen to me ranting. He had thought the water break could affect my very fragile electricity connection. He then wondered if I would even have water. Great, something else to stress about.

I was able to turn left onto University and I could see "Road Closed" signs at Smith so I got into the left lane to go south on Smith. I have no idea if that would have led to an entrance into my development. I think not. However, I saw that under "Road Closed", it said "Local Traffic Only".

Of course, I was stuck in the left turn lane at that point so I turned onto Smith then tried to make a U. While talking on the cell phone. On a pretty narrow road. Where cars eventually got to me on both sides.

I need a frakking chauffeur!

After making a completely ungraceful U turn, I got onto University and they actually shuffled me off at the street I wanted.


I have both water and electricity and lots of bottles of wine so I'm good for the night.

Total drive time home: 80 minutes. Considering I live 9 miles from work, that's just horrible. I'm calming down finally. A nice glass of Syrah can do wonders for the temperament.

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