I Couldn't Have Done This If I Tried

One of the guys at work started a College Bowl Mania pool for all of the bowl games. The deal is you pick the winner of each game and assign unique confidence points on each. There were 32 games so you assign from 1 to 32. Get it?

Anywhoo, after the first few games I was in first place. By a lot. It was mostly thanks to my faith in Utah and BYU. After the first week, I was in the top 5 but still doing well.

Then, it all went to hell. It started with ASU whom I had put 27 points on. After that, it was just one loss after another.

I was the only one who didn't even pick 50% of the winners. I ended up at 13-19 with 217 points out of a possible 498. The winner was 25-7 with 418 points.

The worst part is that I actually put some research into my picks. So, I can only conclude that I suck.


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