I'll Take The Dry Heat Any Day

My friends and I have been planning a trip to Galveston Bay for the Riddles in The Sand event that's hosted by the Galveston Bay Parrot Head Club for a few months. In anticipation, I've been checking the weather, mostly the humidity.

It had been hovering at around 70% for a while. I started complaining before we even got here and Fictional Donald, who lives in the Houston area, told me it would be just fine. He said the wind would blow the humidity away and it would be nice. Wind? So, then my hair was going to be a mess. Great. His response to my wind comments was that it would give me sexy, windblown hair. Uh huh.

I made an appointment to get a Brazilian Blowout to straighten my hair before we left with the hopes that it would help keep it contained. Good thing I did, too.

As we were driving into Galveston on Friday, we got hit by pouring rain. Enough that it slowed down traffic on the freeway. The rain ended but it left the humidity behind. The water was choppy, the skies were gray and everything was moist.

Oh, and the wind? Yeah, it was blowing. Not enough to take away any humidity. Just enough to do this:

Not so sexy...


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