I've been telling this story for about a week now. I'll leave out some of the details to protect the innocent when I tell it here.

I was in a serious, nothing flirty or frivolous at all, talk with a guy when I literally got so distracted by his good looks that I lost all track of the conversational thread.

I was stunned.

Man, all I could think was "You are so absolutely hot I can think of nothing more than what I would like to do to you. And with you. Over and over." (Not that I would do anything being a single woman - family member readers qualifier.)

Oy vey. Is it hot in here or is it just me?

I managed to cover it up pretty well and went on with the conversation but it wasn't easy. And, I just had to laugh at myself because it was just so juvenile.

When I told the story on Sunday, one of my friends related a "stunned" story involving a shirtless fireman. I felt better knowing that I'm not alone in having this experience.

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