50 Books in 2011 - Done!

Last year, I participated in a Goodreads reading challenge with the goal of reading 144 books in 2010. I actually completed 145 but it became more of a chore than a pleasure, especially towards the end of the year.

They continued the challenge again in 2011 but this time you got to pick your goal. The total goal for all participants is 9,000,793. That's a lot of books.

I looked at what I had coming up in my life and decided to make my goal a nice, easy number of 50. I figured one a week with a few breaks there wouldn't stress me out.

I might have made the goal too easy, though, as I made the number yesterday. According to their math, I'm 38% ahead of schedule and they suggest I increase my goal.

Nope, I'm good where I am. I'll see where I end up but I don't feel any need to make a bigger number to hit just for the sake of it.


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