I Guess I'm Kinda Popular

I was in another building yesterday for 2 ½ hours while one of my work buds was stalking my desk. Since he’s not very quiet, everyone knew he was looking for me. I got told several times after I got back that he’d been around and found a note on my pad “Where are you?”

After a one minute stop at my desk, I went into another meeting and he cruised by again. One of my team told me afterwards that she was surprised he just didn’t bust in on my current meeting because he could see me through the window.

I returned to my desk and found new notes on my desk. Some of my peers are doing a presentation and asked us to keep a list of Task/Goals for the week then record any interruptions that we encountered. Under the task list, I had the new items of “Day Dreaming”, “Surf Internet” and “Go Home”. Under the interruptions, I had “No interruptions because I can’t be found!!”

Excuse me for being value added and that people want to talk to me! I really do have too many meetings. Eight this week during four days. Thankfully, I’m off Friday or who knows how many more would have slipped on to my calendar.

By the time I actually got to talk to my bud, I already knew what he wanted. Another guy had told me in one of my meetings, natch.

They’re planning a group DiamondBacks game with a pre-game lunch at TGI Friday’s at the ballpark and wanted to invite me along. Turns out, it will be seven guys and me.

I’m not sure what that says about me. Does it say they think I’m one of the guys? Does it say I’m so cool that they just all want the pleasure of my company? Maybe it says that they asked a whole bunch of people and I was the only one who said yes.

Oh, well, I’m just happy to be wanted somehow.


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