I Don't Want To Know What This Meant

Man, I didn’t sleep well last night. Technically, this morning.

I had the craziest, most disturbing dream. I was being pursued by a crazed assassin who, if he/she couldn’t get to me, would hurt my loved ones instead. There were lots of people and places from my real life including my Mom, the bookstore where I used to work and several friends. There were also several actors playing people I knew (or thought I knew). It was much like a movie or a TV show.

I kept coming out of sleep and tried to stay awake long enough to clear it from my subconscious but would doze back off and go right back into the dream. Ugh. My alarm went off at 5:30 and I was never so happy for it.

Can I just go back to the dream where all my teeth shatter and fall out? I’m used to that one.


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