I'm Molting

I'm not sure how many layers of skin a human has but I must be done to the base level by now.

It's all my fault, of course. We were in Galveston Bay two weekends ago and hung out in the pool on Saturday. Because the weather wasn't that hot, temperature wise, and because it takes a lot for me to get sunburned I scorned the sunscreen. I also briefly thought about wearing my ball cap but decided I didn't want to mess up my hair. Which wasn't actually looking that great so I don't know why I made that decision.

End result? I completely baked my front, back, upper arms, face and the part in my hair. I'm talking red hot, nasty, blistering in some places baked.

The peeling started a few days after I got home and still hasn't stopped. My back and front are totally itchy. I'm constantly scratching and coming away with dead skin. Fortunately, I can cover it up with a short sleeved shirt.

The part in my hair, however, is not hideable. Besides being bright red, there are constant flakes coming through. I feel compelled to tell everyone that, if the see big flakes in my hair, it's not dandruff. Really, it's a sunburn, I swear.

It just doesn't seem fair that it's been eleven days and the end doesn't appear to be in sight.

The question is, have I learned my lesson? I'd been so careful up until then. But, after spending most of the summer trying to avoid the sun I managed to put a month's worth of tanning into a single day. I'm hoping by the time my next pool event comes around, I will remember the disgusting snakeskin shedding that I'm going through and will put on lots of screen.

And wear a hat no matter if my hair is actually cute.


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