Cancer's A Drag

We have two women at work who are doing the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk this fall. As part of their fundraising efforts, they’re running a “Cancer is a Drag” contest at work. I think it’s a genius idea.

Here’s the deal. They got six male managers to volunteer. For 45 days, employees can put money in the box corresponding to a specific manager. The one who gets the most money will dress up in drag for an entire day at work. I believe they will parade around all of the buildings, too.

If $1,200 total gets collected, all six of the guys will be in drag for a day. That’s something to shoot for because, trust me, some of these dudes are going to look very funny. Also, I suspect one or two will look scarily good as psuedo-chicks and make me feel inferior as a woman.

As a little preview teaser, they photoshopped the guys’ heads on to model bodies in nice dresses. Too funny!


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