If You Don't Make The Effort To Be Literate, How Do I Know You'll Be Effective?

An outside consultant prepared a multipage document for my company that I read yesterday. Well, tried to read. There were so many grammatical mistakes that I found it hard to concentrate on the ultimate meaning.

There were sentences without verbs, several instances along the line of "their" being used for "there" and "to" being used for "too", missing "a" or "an" in several sentences and subject/verb mismatches. Oh, and several outright misspellings.

It was a summary of a current technology process, a proposed new solution and a quote for services. The quote was for tens of thousands of dollars.

I realize you can be a brilliant technologist and not be a literate author. However, if you're going to be asking someone to pay you (regardless of the sum), it would behoove you to get someone to proofread your work.

If this had been a resume, it would have immediately gone into the reject pile.


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