I wonder if there's something fundamentally wrong with me that I really enjoy Wilfred. It is possibly the most disturbing, crude, vulgar and absurd show I've ever seen. It makes Louis C.K. seem tame in comparison.

I missed DVRing the first episode and haven't watched it yet but it was easy to catch up. The story revolves around Frodo Baggins, er, Ryan, who's an unemployed burned out lawyer. His cute neighbor asks him to watch her dog. While everyone else sees the dog as, well, a dog, Ryan sees him as a Australian dude in a dog suit. A belligerent, selfish and boundary-less dude.

The two sit around, smoke pot, drink beer and get in to the most ridiculous of situations, all of which are brought about by Wilfred. Ryan tries to do the "right" thing while Wilfred does his best to push Ryan to the limit.

There have been some great guest stars. Chris Klein plays the neighbor's uber-competitive boyfriend whom Wilfred loathes. Jane Kaczmarek had a spot as a businesswoman willing to trade sex in lieue of getting her car repaired after Wilfred crashes in to it. Her bit about attention to her "widdle wabbit hole...wrong hole" had me nearly crying from laughter.

Perhaps the most disturbing guest star was Ed Helms as a doggie day care provider who puts peanut butter on his junk to get the dogs to lick it off. Yes, they went there and it was cringe inducing yet hilarious.

When they do the TV warnings about mature language and sexual content, they aren't kidding. This isn't a show for everyone but it's definitely for me.


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