I was chatting to someone this week and she mentioned that she's going back to school (while still working). Based on my personal history and her senior position, I asked if she were going for her MBA. She said she didn't have a college degree so she's going for a Liberal Arts diploma.

Now, I know a lot of people who work and go to school but they're doing it to either advance their career, switch careers or because it's expected by their employers. This woman has exceptional credentials, work history and reputation. I have no doubt she would have no issue getting another job if she wanted one nor is there any payoff for her current position to get a degree.

She's doing it for the sake of learning.

Man, that's impressive. And makes me feel like a slug in comparison.

I got my MBA while working full time but I was a lot younger then. Now, I try to take advantage of every webinar and learning experience through work that I can get. But, I haven't taken a college class since those MBA days.

One of my lottery dreams is to go back to school for a Doctorate in Psychology. But, there's no concurrent full-time job in that dream scenario. The thought of pursuing another degree while still working is just exhausting to think about.

I can only applaud her work ethic and bow in her direction as not being worthy.


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