The Best Music

Now these boys played great music! (And Barry was soooo easy on the eyes.)

In my home away from home bar in Calgary, they play the best music. I've spent many hours there now and I've not heard one bad song (OK, that's a lie, they have played Stevie Nicks). But, it does make me wonder why I think it's the best music.

The thing is, it's mostly from the 70s and 80s with a few 90s thrown in. Think Rick Springfield, Bee Gees, Devo, Gin Blossoms, Dire Straits, Alice Cooper and Night Ranger. Yes, I love Sister Christian. It's a definite sing-along.

Are those really great classic tunes? I do hear them played a lot and I'd like to think so. If they were sucky, they wouldn't still be around. Right?

Or, are they tunes I (and other late Boomers/Gen Xers) associate with the glory and freedom of youth which makes them special on a personal level? And people of my generation are the ones putting together the playlist?

I'd like to think they're classics that have stood the test of time. If the bar played great 50s and 60s stuff, I'd probably be just as jazzed.

Maybe I'm just a stuck in the past old fart, but I find it hard to imagine that 20 years from now people are going to hear Kanye West and Lady Gaga and think, "That's the best music ever!"


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