Every Day Should Be Good

Is this a common (figurative) water cooler conversation for you?

You: How's it going?
Them: Well, it's a Monday.
Them: Not bad for a Tuesday.
Them: Glad it's hump day.
Them: Good because tomorrow's Friday.
Them: Great, its the start of the weekend!
Them: Loving my Saturday!
Them: Not so great because it's back to work tomorrow.

Happens to me a lot and I've been the "them" in the conversation. However, I really started thinking about it and it made me sad.

Ideally, it should be a good day no matter what. Good during the work week because you're doing something you enjoy and getting paid. Good on the weekend because you've got some free time to enjoy other activities.

Maybe I'm just stuck in my Puritan work ethic but I think there's value in the work week. I love when I can be a constructive presence at my job. I hope others feel the same.

So, why the depressed work week comments? Why do we all seem to live for the weekend? Sometimes, my weekends are slothful and completely non-productive. Should I look forward to and celebrate that?

Is it just an accepted response to the question to minimize the joys of the work week days? I hope so because otherwise there a lot of people who just don't enjoy their jobs. That's a bummer because we all spend so much time there. Why not find the joy there?

I've made a concerted effort to not respond to the "how's it going question" question with a downtrodden response. I'm not going to lie if I'm having a bad day but a good day at work is still a good day. So, I say something like "It's going great, how's your day?" or "I'm getting things done so I feel good."

I wish everyone had a good day regardless of the day of the week. I try to but, I have to admit, some days are not as good as others. However, some of those lesser good days might be weekends. So, why focus on Monday through Friday as being the Debbie Downer days?

Wouldn't we all be happier if we just found the reward of the day we're in instead of looking to a future day as being the be-all, end-all? Call me Pollyanna but I think there's happiness in every day even if it's a work day.


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