Fantasy Football Draft One

We had our Parrot Head club fantasy football draft on Sunday. I say club because it originally started that way but now it's a collection of the original members and their family members and friends.

It was the weirdest draft I've ever been in. I got the 8th pick out of 12. Looking at all the scouting sheets, I thought there was a chance I would get Aaron Rodgers because everyone takes the premier running backs first. I'll admit, I would be very happy to have my favorite team's QB because then there would be no emotional conflicts during the season.

Alas, the dude who picked first took Rodgers. Frankly, I think that was crazy. Our league gives QBs only 4 points for a passing TD so QBs aren't as valuable as RBs. Plus, I think with a healthy Ryan Grant, Rodgers won't have to throw as much as he did last year.

The draft just got weirder after that.  So many strange picks that I can't recount them all. Several players were taken way too early for their value and some of them shouldn't have been drafted at all.

Our commissioner, Jello Shot Prince, said we should get a trophy to hand out to the drafter who picks a player who's out for the season (like Woody did last year). He even guessed it would by Ryan Williams of the Cardinals. Well, he was right. Williams got drafted by the dude who makes the most drop/adds of anyone in the league. Like four times as many. What's even funnier is that same dude has since dropped and added three players since the draft. Seriously, they were available when we drafted, why suddenly decide you'd rather have them at $2 a pop?

Everyone was afraid of Chris Johnson. He was showing on all of the expert rankings as being a mid-first round pick but he's in a contract dispute and hasn't played. So, we all avoided him for the first round and it came back to me for the 17th pick overall and I felt I had no choice but to take him. I think it was a steal but it still makes me nervous.

I'm not completely happy with my team but I think that's because I went with what I was "supposed" to do instead of what I "wanted". I'm trying to be more rational and less emotional with my picks but it's clearly not easy.

Here's whom I have in the order I picked them:

Maurice Jones-Drew
Chris Johnson
Greg Jennings
Tony Romo
Marques Colston
Kenny Britt
Owen Daniels
Fred Jackson
Pierre Thomas
Michael Bush
Falcons D
Greg Olsen
Josh Brown
Jay Cutler
Deion Branch
Rob Brionas

I'll drop a kicker and probably a TE after I get through the bye weeks and pick up a D for week to get through that bye.

I'm a little bummed that I'm in the same division as Steven. I would like to be able to root for him but now it's going to be cutthroat.  Winning takes precedence over familial ties.


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