Movie Review - Cowboys & Aliens

Steven and I have been impatiently waiting for this movie. We love Jon Favreau and were excited to see what he would do with the very interesting meld of genres.

Well, it was interesting but it wasn't the fantastic film we were expecting.

The gist of the story is that aliens have landed on Earth in the post-Civil War era. They're snatching up people for unknown purposes and one guy, Daniel Craig's character, has a weapon that can stop them. The only problem is he doesn't know who he is or how it all really works.

I expected more humor in the story. There were a few bits here and there but Sam Rockwell, who's usually hilarious, was muted and Daniel Craig's tidbits were as well.

Harrison Ford was good as the crotchety rich dude with a loser son. Their attempt to make him a layered character showed him alternating between total, heartless badass and suddenly kind father figure. It sort of worked.

Keith Carradine was not well utilized though he had a few good scenes. Steven is completely in love with Olivia Wilde so was crushing on her. I thought she did OK.

The scenery was gorgeous and the CGI was pretty good. The alien machines were suitably scary looking without being cheesy.

Overall, it was fairly mindless entertainment with some rather creepy aliens but it wasn't worth the $10 we paid for at the Cine Capri.


K T Cat said…
Sounds like a Netflix or Amazon rental. Thanks for the review!

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