Movie Review - Captain America: The First Avenger

Loved it!

(That's the short story, here's the long.)

I found a work bud whose husband is not into the action movies so went to see Captain America together tonight. Steven saw it without me because I was out of town too much. I don't blame him as this was the last big flick until The Avengers next year.

The casting was superb. Steve Rogers was always a too good to be true type and Chris Evans played him pretty much straight up but with a slight touch of humor. It was a far cry from his Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four role. Tommy Lee Jones was great as Colonel Phillips and Hugo Weaving was superb as the completely mad Red Skull. Is Hugo Weaving ever anything but great? It was also nice to see Stanley Tucci.

Clocking in at just over two hours, the movie felt long but it also felt full. We got a well developed story of character and plot development, a ton of action and a huge amount of special effects. I was conscious of the time but never fidgeted.

Oh, if you don't know Captain America's story, he was a 4F who wanted to fight in WWII. His way in was via a secret program to make super soldiers. Alas, he was the only one but he rocked it enough for a small army. He takes on the Red Skull, who's also been turned into a super soldier, and saves the world.

Stay through the end of the credits (gosh, they were long - how many people does it take to make a movie these days?) and you'll be rewarded by some extra footage. If that footage doesn't make you go squee, turn in your fanboy/girl card.


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