Chopped Guidelines

After watching countless hours of Chopped, I've come up with some strategies that the contestants should follow.

  1. Make ice cream if you get the chance. The judges get so excited at just the attempt. Even if it doesn't turn out perfectly, you get credit for trying.
  2. Don't use red onion. I don't know why they don't like it but they don't. Maybe they think it's too strong or too common?
  3. Use red bell pepper in very small doses. Just like the red onion, they don't seem pleased by this ingredient.
  4. Don't be the arrogant asshole. In most, but not all, episodes there are chefs with huge egos who are convinced their cooking is far superior to their lesser skilled contestants. They trash talk the other chefs directly and behind the scenes and just seem like people you would never want to hang out with. I've never seen one of the arrogant assholes win the $10,000 first prize so clearly it's not a winning strategy.
Actually, number four could be a great guideline for life. Don't be an arrogant asshole and you increase your chances of winning whatever contest you're in.


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