I Could Have Used a Little Less Help, Actually

I pulled some laundry out of the dryer this morning so I could hang it up. An interim stop was to put it on top of my bed while I got the hangars.

George decided she wanted to "help" me. And, by help, I mean she first made sure she was at least partially lying on each item. Then, she attacked each hangar as I was attempting to put the clothes on them. Finally, she resorted to extended her claws so she could hook on to the clothes and retain them.

I managed to get them hung up and left the tee-shirt I was planning to wear today on the bed as I hit the shower. She had her claws in to it. I fully expected to see her still guarding it when I got out of the shower but she must have gotten bored and left to wreak her evil havoc elsewhere in the house.

It's mine, dammit, all mine!


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