When I was home sick last week, I heard lots of noise outside while I was trying to sleep. It didn't actually stop me from sleeping, though. When I finally emerged from my cold coma, this is what I saw. There used to be a huge row of bushes. Now, there's just scrubs.

To give you some perspective, I park back by the dumpster and my front door is in the left corner of this picture.

I have no idea what compelled the maintenance crew to eviscerate those poor bushes.

But, I'm kind of happy they're gone.

See, I was always worried that the axe murderer (or a vampire) could hide in those bushes and jump out to attack me as I walked from my car to my door. Seriously, there was room for both to hide at the same time.

But, now that they're gone, I miss the bushes. It looks really barren out there. Having an anxiety free walk doesn't make up for that.

RIP, scary bushes. I hope you come back to life.


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