The Muse

Why is it that when I have time to do a blog post, I am bereft of ideas?

I've set a goal to average at least one post a day on this blog. I did that not because I want to build a huge following but because I don't want my followers to feel like I'm slacking and don't care about giving them something fresh (and I hope interesting) to read. I also set the goal because I really enjoy writing and the only way to improve that skill is to spend more time doing it.

Here's the rub. Ideas strike me all the time. But, when I get to the open web page to record them, they're gone. Even if I've mentally written half of the post, I just can't recall the idea.


Years ago, I decided to carry around an idea book. It's just a small notebook that I could jot down ideas to come back to later. I thought I could use it for blog ideas, song lyrics or story ideas. Just record a few sentences or phrases and it would be easy to reconstruct later.

The problem is that I don't consistently write things down so my brilliant (in my mind and at that time) ideas get lost. Like, completely gone. I've gotten to the stage in life where I can only carry so many current thoughts in my brain before something has to be jettisoned. It makes me sad.

That mental failing makes it really difficult to keep up posting frequency. Especially, if I don't want to just post crap to meet my goal. I really do want to put some substance on my blog. (If you can call whining about fantasy football substance.)

Ultimately, it comes down to discipline. A concept that I'm not overly fond of but recognize is necessary.

Now, if I could just get myself to write something, anything, in my idea book. Because, it's just sitting in my purse not taking up a lot of space but asking for content. I need to listen to its demands.


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