New Fall TV Shows

OK, here's what made my list to DVR this fall and my thoughts on those shows.

Unforgettable Totally formulaic. Detective has genius ability (she can recall everything that ever happened to her) but has a tragic past (her sister was murdered when they were children). Add in her boss is her ex-boyfriend and it's a trifecta! Oh, wait, I forgot that she's not a "by the rules" type. Qaudfecta? It's just OK and I expect it not to last. I'll probably watch a few more episodes before deciding whether to continue. And, on a completely shallow note, the boss' girlfriend's eyebrows are so bushy that I find them truly distracting. Seriously, they're bad.

Terra Nova I finally watched the two hour premier today. What can I say but that I'm a sucker for dinosaurs so I'll keep watching. Story line is that in the next century, humans have managed to pretty much damage the Earth beyond repair so people are being sent 85 million years in the past to start a new colony. It's a different timeline so they can't impact the future. Or, is it and can they?

Up All Night I love Will Arnett. I think he's brilliant. Christina Applegate is always funny. They play modern parents who are still trying to be "cool" while raising a young daughter. The weak link in the show is Maya Rudolph as an Oprah type. What's interesting about that is that I read they made her part bigger after the success of Bridesmaids. I think that's a bad call because her character would be better in smaller doses.

Person of Interest This is the show I was most looking forward to considering the Lost alumni involved with it. Michael Emerson's character develops a computer program for the government that examines, well, just about every transmission made, to look for terrorists. It also finds non-terrorist activities that will lead to mayhem and he enlists Jim Caviezel's to try to prevent the mayhem. They're both too clever for words but the individual stories have been interesting.

Prime Suspect I've been hearing for a while how great the British version of this show is (it stars the always fantastic Helen Mirren) so I was willing to check it out. Maria Bello plays the female lead, a homicide detective whose not accepted by her male peers because they think she slept her way into the job. She's a little too tough, they're way too much of asses and Aidan Quinn is starting to look old. I may not continue watching this much further. Oh, and on another shallow note, her hat looks stupid.


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