Probably Not The Plague

I read an article on the plague recently. I wish I could find it to share because it was pretty interesting. The gist was that the plague virus hasn't mutated so most of us are immune to it. Why are we immune? Because our ancestors lived through the Black Death of the 14th century by either already being immune or developing immunity. How do they know it hasn't mutated? They had to move some old bodies out of a grave site and extracted the virus out of the teeth. Seriously, I wish I could find that article. Fascinating!

This is relevant because whenever I get sick (which truly isn't often) I suspect the worst. A high fever? Must be West Nile. A persistent cough? Soon to be bronchitis. Been out in the wild? Plague or Lyme disease.

What's even funnier than my hypochondria is my refusal to go to the doctor until I'm really, really sick. That's partially because, deep down, I know it's not that bad but also because my doctor is not at all sympathetic. "Yeah, it's going around. Get some rest. See you." He also doesn't like to give out drugs and I don't like to take them so what's the point of spending my co-pay on that?

So, I'm pretty sure I don't have the plague. You may be asking what sort of "in the wilds" I was at but, let me tell you, Vegas has all sorts of dirty and nasty stuff going on up there. I wouldn't be surprised to find out their rodents are plague-laden. And, roaming the hotel hallways late at night. Definitely roaming the streets and alleys.

I'm self-diagnosing it as the common cold but if the cough persists, it's definitely bronchitis. Yeah, definitely.


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