Fantasy Football - Week Five

OMFG (that F stands for football), I actually won both of my games. I would have been devastated if I hadn't.

I played against Steven in the club league. He was 0-4 and I was projected to win by something like 30 points. Imagine my dismay when Steve Breaston came from nowhere and scored 17 points against me which made it a very close game for a while.

I ended up winning by 12 but it should have been more. I had the Atlanta Defense and they were projected to score -2 because they were up against my high scoring Packers. So, I decided to be clever and drop them for Indy. Indy ended up with -2 and Atlanta scored 5. It's just been that kind of season.

I had to laugh when I went to set up my work league roster. While I've changed my team name to The Injury Report, my opponent had changed his to I Really Hate Fantasy Football. Again, I was projected to win and my opponent didn't even start a Kicker. The game was too close for my comfort but Jahvid Best came through big time and I ended up winning by 40ish points.

So, I'm 3-2 in the club league and 2-3 in the work league. I have hope for the latter because I'm actually back to a pretty good roster of productive players.

Pick 'Em was a mess. I'm usually pretty good about paying attention to emotional factors like a coach getting fired or a big player going down but I completely disconnected Al Davis' death from my picks. I would have totally taken Oakland to win. However, it ended up costing me 9 points.

I'm still in first place overall in both the club and work games. Another bad pick week and that will change very quickly.


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