Fantasy Football Week Seven

First of all, this isn't a fantasy. My Packers are 7-0, baby! Woot!

I got my ass handed to me in the club league so I'm down to 3-4. However, I won in the work league and that makes me 4-3 with 4 wins in a row. Both games were scary because I had a lot of bye players and injuries to deal with. I should have taken Aaron Rodgers with my first pick in the work league. He's been a complete stud.

Pick 'Em was just ridiculous. I sucked. I finally could no longer ride the wave of my first few good weeks of picks and I'm now in second place behind the Jello Shot Prince in our club league by 6 points but still somehow still in first place in the work league by only 4 points.

Correction - I'm actually in third place in the club league as The Rocket Scientist so helpfully pointed out. It wasn't fully updated for the Monday night game when I looked at it.


Rubicon said…
You're actually in 3rd place. Behind JSP and me.

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