Fantasy Football - Week 8

Yeah, I know there's still a game tonight. But, unless Ryan Mathews scores 67 points, my games are in the books.

What a squeaker in the club game! I thought I was in good shape going into last night's game but Tony Romo's and the Cowboys' suckitude almost cost me the game. I ended by winning by 84 to 76. It wouldn't have been so close if I'd submitted a different lineup. All of my bench players, except the ones on byes, outscored my starters in the same positions. Any time that happens and you can still pull out a win, you have to be happy.

That makes my record go to 4-4 which isn't bad. We are almost all trending around .500.

I dominated my opponent in the work league. He had only one choice on his starters as I hit him on a big bye week for his team. The score is currently 133 to 66.04 and he has the aforementioned Mathews going tonight. I'm feeling pretty secure.

My record will be 5-3 which, if my initial ganderings are correct, will put me in sole position of second place and one game behind the leader. Sweet! Especially, considering my 0-3 start to the season.

I don't even want to talk about frakking Pick 'Em.


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