Mixed Messages

As I was getting ready for Jimmy Buffett day here in Phoenix, I noticed some glints of lighter colored hair in my part. I'll just say it wasn't the highlights.

Sigh. I hating the obvious signs of aging. I decided it was going to be a cowboy hat day for the show and tried to forget about it.

On my way to Margaritaville, I stopped at the Circle K by my house to buy some beer and water for the tailgate party later that day. I go in there fairly often.

I got carded.

First, I was like, "Cool". Then, I was like, "Dude, how's your eyesight?" Because I wasn't wearing my hat yet.

Perhaps he was influenced by the tie-dye shirt and parrot earrings and thought no old person would dress like that so I must be young.

Or, maybe they just decided to start carding everyone. Sigh, again.


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