Rain in Phoenix = Traffic Nightmare

You'd really think that since we have so many out of state transplants, they would actually be OK with driving when there's a little bit of moisture on the roads. However, you would be terribly wrong.

When I left work last night it was to find a surprising rain shower happening. Surprising, because when I left the building for a meeting only a few hours earlier, there was no indication of rain. Even more surprising was that it was a pretty steady downpour. Usually, our early evening rains are more like spits than pours.

Because I was meeting The Rocket Scientist for dinner, I was on a time table so I was little less patient than I would normally be on my drive home. I actually have no idea how many times I loudly asked, "Really?" The thing is that we were stopping (yep, complete stops on the freeway) for no apparent reason so many times that the 202 was backed up before Scottsdale Road to the 101 and I barely got over to the exit lane before I hit my exit at McClintock (one mile for those not familiar). It was just plain crazy.

Of course, there had to be that jackass in a Corvette who decided that this stopping and slowing was nothing he needed to worry about. I honestly thought he was going to rear-end the car in front of him that was going 25 when he came upon it going 60. Watching that was extra stress that I didn't need.

I can usually get to the restaurant from my work in 20 minutes. I took me 35 because of the rain delayed traffic.

People, people, people. Sure the roads are slick and that water falling from the sky is unfamiliar but you can still have a reasonable flow of traffic. It doesn't have to be the usual 65-70 MPH but it's not unreasonable to ask for at least 55. Especially when the limit is 65.

I just think anyone who's worried about the rain should stick to the surface streets. It probably would have eliminated 80% of the cars on the freeway. That would have made for a really sweet drive instead of one where I couldn't wait to hit my first glass of wine just to relax.


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